Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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By Nigel Lawson

To those visiting my blog for the first time, I welcome you.  I formed this blog page along with the members of our cover band of the same name, The DDC for short.  The three founding members are either divorced or separated and in the process of divorce.  The fourth member is currently in a long term relationship, but plays killer blues guitar, so we decided to let him stay in the band. 

I would say our band formed out of the necessity to find a positive outlet for the financial, mental, and emotional stress brought on by divorce.  We discovered that music, and the joy it brought our audiences, was our best therapy.  We spent countless hours rehearsing and discussing our problems.  Ultimately, our discussions led to solutions which provided us the tools to deal with the unique challenges men of divorce face.   

As divorced dudes, we must confront various obstacles and search for answers to several pressing questions, such as: “I have to move out of my home, so where can I find an inexpensive apartment to rent?”, “How will my divorce affect my children?”, “Where can I find a good lawyer?”, or “I’m ready to date again, so should I try my luck on the Internet?”  The difficulty is finding plausible solutions quickly.

The mission of this blog and upcoming e-magazine is to offer our insights to other divorced dudes like yourself and possibly direct you to solutions that will ease some of the burden of divorce.  Stay connected with The Divorced Dudes Club.  Click on the Follow button and become a member today.

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