Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You Can't Rebound if You're Not in the Game

By Nigel Lawson

So, you think you’re ready to start dating after a divorce?  Well if so, you’re not alone.  According to a 2007 Census Bureau report, of the divorced people in the U.S. aged 25 and over, 55% of men and 44% of women remarried. The truth is, people have not given up on love and finding their soul mate even after divorce.

It may be difficult in the beginning.  Apprehension about dating may stem from emotional connections to an ex-wife or children.  Others may feel insecure about their appearance or ability to love again.  And finally, there are those divorced dudes who have been out of the dating scene so long they just don't know where to start.

The most important asset for divorced men is mindset.  When the game begins you quickly realize if you’re a ballplayer or bench warmer –someone willing to get out there and meet people or someone sitting on bench staring at their shoelaces.  Remember, if you’re strong enough to endure the turmoil of divorce, you’re definitely tough enough to tighten up your shoelaces and step on the court. 

Be open to meeting new and exciting individuals. Don't jump into a new romantic relationship too soon.  Build friendships first. You'll have plenty of people to call if you want to go out to just have a good time with no strings attached.  Over time these relationships may develop into something more.  Ultimately, you're in control of your own destiny.  Sitting on the bench gets pretty boring after a while, so if you're ready to start dating, get in the game and give it your all.

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