Friday, August 12, 2011

Child Custody 101: 10 Ways to Survive a Child Custody Case

By Nigel Lawson

In layman’s terms, child custody is defined as

"The legal authority to make decisions affecting a child's interests (legal custody) and the responsibility of taking care of the child (physical custody). When parents separate or divorce, they may share legal and physical custody, or one parent may have physical custody with the other parent having visitation."
                                                                    -- Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary

Understanding the legalese involved in a child custody case is vital to both parties involved. Often times, what one parent believes to be in the best interest of their children, is contrary to what the other parent believes. In this regard, knowing the legal terms is only half the battle. Parents should know what to expect when entering such a case. In 10 Ways to Survive a Child Custody Case, Henry Gornbein reveals useful steps to avoid a drawn out, custody trial. Read his article, and share your thoughts and comments with us.

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