Friday, August 5, 2011

Men & Divorce: Breaking the Stereotypes & Learning to Sympathize

By Nigel Lawson

When any marriage ends in divorce, our sympathy immediately extends to the ex-wife and children.  How will she cope emotionally and financially?  How will she handle being a single mom?  How will the children react?  All marriages are different, as are all divorces.  So why are we more likely to consider the well being of women and children of divorce rather than men?

Does it lead back to archaic stereotypes such as men are physically and emotionally stronger than women, so they need far less support?  Could it be many of us assume the majority of divorces result from infidelity on the part of men, thus husbands are not entitled to our sympathy? We see this played out in the media numerous times.  High-profile, celebrity couples announce their divorce, and our reaction is usually, "He probably cheated on her." 

Theses statements are not to take away from the psychological turmoil divorce has on families in general.  These words and this video shed light on many of the challenges we often forget affect divorced men.

After watching the video, share your comments and some of the ways you coped with the challenges of divorce.

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